Graffiti removal

Agilia has an around-the-clock graffiti removal service for rolling stock for both the inside and outside of carriages.

Graffiti removal from trains requires the right level of expertise, quality, documentation, and attention to HSE. If the surface of a train carriage is damaged, the costs can be substantial and in the worst case, can result in a reduced service life of the train. We have graffiti removal methods tailored to rolling stock, as well as other types of surfaces.

Agilia’s graffiti division dates back to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, when it was feared that graffiti would be an eyesore on trains during the Olympics. In response to this concern, the national train service operator NSB created a separate division for graffiti removal. Today, Agilia is an independent company, and we remove graffiti from trains, buildings and equipment.

We offer a flexible and agile graffiti removal service.