Ready-to-roll services

We help train service operators get trains ready for departure.

Waste disposal and water filling

Water and functioning septic systems are essential for a pleasant train journey and a necessity on regional trains, but the logistics associated with this are by no means as simple as they may seem.

Agilia carries out and coordinates the emptying of septic tanks and filling of water tanks using both stationary and mobile facilities. With 18 operating bases and mobile equipment, we can service most train routes and stations in Norway.

Scheduled service tasks

From washing coffee machines to restocking supplies and turning seats, Agilia provide a range of services that ensure a quality journey experience.

Minor repairs

Our cleaners inspect all trains daily and maintain a continuous overview of the condition of train carriages. We can monitor and report any minor repair needs. From changing seats and light bulbs to checking Wi-Fi, our 24-hour local presence enable us carry out small repairs quickly.


Fortunately, daily disinfection is no longer required. Nevertheless, Agilia has the expertise and equipment to disinfect carriages and the driver’s cabin. Using electrostatic technology, we quickly disinfect all surfaces in a space from floor to ceiling.

Every year, we wash 295,400 train carriages.

We document everything digitally, so that we can monitor and report all the work we do.