Train Carriage Cleaning

Train travel should be an enjoyable experience. For passengers, cleanliness is important for overall satisfaction with train services. Agilia offers a small, yet key part of the services provided by train operators.

Our cleaning services

We provide turnaround and daily cleaning, as well as periodic heavy cleaning of train carriages at 18 different locations in Norway. Our staff works in shifts that are aligned with train schedules and adapted to the season and train operator needs.

Agilia also provides a cleaning service for sleeper cabins.

Service quality standards

Together with the train operator, we develop custom cleaning concepts that provide the agreed quality at the right price. We work according to the INSTA 800 standard, a Nordic cleaning quality standard, though we also adapt our services to other professional standards in line with customer requirements.

Flexible and agile

Trains are often not on time or do not arrive at the specified track. We are flexible and agile when unplanned changes occur to help reduce the impact on passengers as much as possible.

“Major ripple effects occur when a train does not arrive where the cleaner is waiting. Then, creative and committed minds are needed to work around the problem.”

Marianne Hillestad, CEO of Agilia.

No matter what happens, we work according to our motto: Clean trains, no matter what.

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